Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys Free [Update 2019]

This is the best place for you to get to know about the Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys. This article guides you on, how to activate Microsoft Office freely by using Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys. You all know that Microsoft Office is the most useful application for everyone to do their work done efficiently.

Let’s give a quick review of the usage of Microsoft Office. If someone needs to prepare a slide presentation, the PowerPoint is there for you. You can create slideshow presentations then edit, view, present or share them quickly and easily by using PowerPoint. Then the Microsoft Word is the best word processing and document creation application that you can use. Through this, you can make your resumes, letters, or any other documents as you wish. Then, Microsoft Excel is another important application. Through this, you can make charts, put formulas, do calculations and so on.

Here, the major problem is the expiration date aligns with the product keys. Most of the time, this available for a 30-day trial period. After the 30th day, the trial is expired and you have to obtain a product key to use it further. You cannot do this if you are facing any financial difficulties. Hence definitely, you are looking for a free product key to activate your Office. Then, you are coming to the right and the best place, to get to know about the free Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys.

What is These Product Keys

This is a key with 25 special characters, which you will be asked when you are installing the Office. Microsoft provides this key only to the one who paid money to take it. This can be purchased online or through the market. You can also purchase this from the local shops. But those are pirated versions, which can include viruses or Trojans in it. Then, such keys will be very hazardous to use by yourselves.

At the installation point, you will see a Skip Button, which enables you to enter the key at a later point. In such cases, you only activate a free trial period unless you enter the right product key. If you are failed to enter the key at that point, then you will no longer be able to use Microsoft Office 2016. Furthermore, then you have to purchase the right key from the market to use it.

It is more delightful to say you that; this problem is solved now. And you will no longer face such awkward situations, with the invention of Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys.

Free Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys

The following are some of the available product keys to activate office 2016, and you can check out those also.

Office 2016 Product Keys

The above mentioned are the keys, that you can be used freely to activate Office. But make sure, that you have a proper internet connection before the activation of Office. This is because, if you have a poor internet connection, you may get some errors. Then you can simply check your internet connection and do this process again by copying and trying each key.

How to Activate Office 2016 without Product Key

If any of those mentioned keys do not work under any circumstances, don’t worry, you have another choice to activate Office by yourselves. With the launching of Office 2016 Activator, you get the opportunity to activate any version of Office and Windows 10 as well. Now, let’s move on to the introduction section of this tool.

Microsoft Toolkit is the tool that facilitates you to activate Office without a product key. This has two types of activation. The first one is the KMS technique, introduced by the Microsoft Company. The KMS stands for the Key Management tool. The second one is the EZ Activation. Previously, this was known as the EZ Activator, which renamed it as MS Toolkit latterly.

Both of those methods are the safest and the secure tool, that can be used by you without any doubts. But, to operate the EZ Activation tool you need a proper internet connection, whereas KMS doesn’t need such a requirement. Those tools provide you a permanent activation without any trial periods. Anyhow, the most preferable method is to use Kmspico Activation, as it doesn’t require any internet connection. Thus, you can use it while you are traveling

Active Office 2016 using Microsoft Toolkit

Let’s see how the Microsoft Toolkit is operated by yourselves. You just follow the following steps. Then, you will be able to get the experience of this amazing toolkit.

  1. Download the Microsoft Toolkit, through the following link.
  2. Then, save the file within your computer.
  3. Now, turn off your internet connection as well as disable the antivirus program, if you have installed any.
  4. Open the folder. Then, right-click on the Microsoft Toolkit.exe and click on “Run as Administrator”.
  5. Now, a dialog box will pop-up by asking you permission for further processing. You just simply click on the “Yes” button and here we go.
  6. Now, you can see a new window with two separate logos. ( Here, if you need to activate Office 2016, then simply click on the Office Logo. Or else if you need to activate any Windows within your computer, you just click on the Windows icon. )
  7. As this section is talking about the activation of Office, you just click on the Office icon and this will take you through a new window.
  8. This window is contained with many features as Main Menu, Activation, Product Keys and Customize Setup. And also this will show you the architecture and the system compatibility as well.
  9. Now, select the install under the Auto KMS. Then, click on the Activate Button and you have to wait for a few seconds until the process is completed.
  10. After the process is completed, you will get a message, “Office 2016 Activate Successfully”.
  11. Now, it’s time to reboot your computer, after closing the program. You can check the activation status by opening up any Office product.

Now, you have successfully activated the Office within your computer without paying any sum of money. This is the only safest and the secure method, that you could activate Windows or Office on your computer. This tool is also worked for Microsoft Office 365 as well by following the same process.


The whole article is talked about the methods, that you can get the free license for the activation of Windows or Office. Through those methods, you don’t need to spend a cent of money, to make your dream success.

In the product key section of the Toolkit, you can get access for the Microsoft Office 2016 Product Keys. Here, you can simply select the product as you wish, to get the license key. Then, just click on that to activate the product within your computer, without using any software.

This is an amazing tool that you can use to activate Office on your computer. This will never ask you to pay any sum of money to activate it. You can use it without any doubt of viruses and threatening of your personal information. This is the 100% secure tool available on the internet. Just enjoy your freedom with this fabulous toolkit!

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